Western culture and patriarchal capitalism has left the healing of the new mother behind.

The traditions of our ancestral mothers around the world are nearly lost, at a time when we need them most.

In my Moroccan heritage, we have specific healing rituals that have been passed down “from the beginning of time” to honor, nourish, and close the ‘nfissa’ or new mother. Al shudd literally means to close the bones, and this tradition from the Amazigh healers in Morocco predates the Islamic colonization in the 7th century.

There is a Moroccan saying that the grave of a new mother is open for forty days. She is at her most vulnerable and so we must nurture, celebrate, and heal her with natural herbs, the closing ritual, and spiritual ceremony.

The Nafsa Project School was founded to preserve the sacred traditional healing for the ‘Nfissa/Nafsa’ or ‘new mother'.These rituals are performed after pregnancy, and are adjusted depending on whether or not the nafsa carried to term.